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Examples of my graphic design projects are below.

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Seize & Desist Logo

This was a logo concept for Seize and Desist, a streetwear brand in LA created back in 2017. They ultimately decided to go a different direction with their brand, but they used this concept for some time while they were starting out.

Sherlock Home Remodeling Logo

Sherlock Home

This was a logo for a new company started by my previous employer, Sherlock Home Remodeling & Flooring.


Music Therapy

Services of Austin

Music Therapy Services of Austin needed new brand materials consisting of business cards and vehicle magnets.


A long time client of Sterling Rail, Motive Power Resources, Inc. often requested my help creating print ads advertising the services, parts and equipment they offer for sale. These ads appeared in publications such as Pocket List, Rail Mart, Sterling Rail Classifieds and more.


Sterling Rail

As the sole graphic designer at Sterling Rail, I was often challenged with creating new ideas for print ads to be featured in Railway Age, The Pocket List, Rail Mart and of course our own publication, Sterling Rail Classifieds. This is just an example of one of the dozens of print ads I created.


Along with Sherlock Home Remodeling, my previous employer also owned his own framing company and I handled the branding and marketing for this company as well.